Pack composed of two white Acapulco chairs and a matching table of the same color.

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Pack composed of two white Acapulco chairs and a matching table of the same color.

– The Acapulco chair is one of those design classics that never goes out of fashion. Its original and bold design, the perfect mix of comfort and style, the wide variety of colors in which it is presented and the possibility of placing it in indoor and outdoor spaces make this model one of the most complete and attractive in the history of furniture.

It is a chair with a strong personality that is given by the concave shape of its seat, made of a network of polyethylene threads, a material that stands out for its great resistance and for the fact that it is completely recyclable. The structure is made up of four metal legs in lacquered welded steel and two upper rods that support the seat. The flexibility of the wires that make up the seat guarantees a high level of ergonomics capable of adapting to the different shapes and volumes of the body, while at the same time promoting ventilation and freshness since neither the backrest nor the seat are closed. Another aspect to take into account, especially in terms of storage, is that it is a stackable chair.

We present the Acapulco chair so you can buy it in different colors: white, black, yellow and fuchsia. The fresh and exotic colors match perfectly with this design born in the 50’s in the same Mexican city that gives its name to the chair. Its shape and manufacturing process are inspired by ancient Mayan weaving techniques, making it indebted to years and years of tradition.

It is undoubtedly one of the models that has obtained the recognition of interior designers and decorators as well as the general public, a consensus based on the originality, exoticism, comfort, freshness and personality of a timeless design that will make the difference in any home: the Acapulco chair.

Measures: Width: 72 cm | Height: 83 cm | Height to seat: 38 cm

– The Acapulco table is the perfect complement to create a fresh and relaxed atmosphere with the Acapulco chair. This coffee table was created after the internalization of the chair design in the 50’s and since then it has become a perfect element for indoor and outdoor environments.

It is a side table with an original and bold design, with a wide functional sense. Its structure is composed of three white welded steel legs and a circular ring that connects and reinforces the legs. On the latter is mounted a weaving of polyethylene wires, forming a frame in the style of the seat and back of the chair, on which is mounted a glass that serves as a support area for the table.

Now you can create the perfect seating area by combining the Acapulco table and chairs and enjoy a comfortable, fresh design with a great personality that has been delighting professionals and individuals for over 50 years.

Measures: Diameter: 77 cm | Height: 49,5 cm


Diameter (cm)
77 cm
Width (cm)
72 cm
Height (cm)
Chair: 83 cm | Table: 49,5 cm
Height to chair (cm)
38 cm
Washing instructions
Use a soft, slightly damp cloth, previously tested in a non visible area of the furniture. Do not use ammonia products, solvents or abrasives
Supports up to 150 Kg.
Mode of shipment
Courier and large volume carrier
Number of packages
Safety policy
EN 12250 : 2016. Requirements for home seating: strength, durability and safety


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